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Payments…Navigating, Educating, Strengthening.

Over 40 years of Payment Professional experience. Payment strategists with experience as Acquirers, Merchants, Banks, and ISO’s. Learn who we are and what differentiates us.

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Professional Payment Consultants

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We have been in this industry for decades and know many of the players. Let us bring our contacts to the table for your benefit. We partner with the best companies in the industry so that you can have the same high level of vendor availability that the largest merchants in the world currently enjoy. Big or small, we believe in the right to engage.

Wherever possible, user guides are provided for your future support. While it may be profitable to keep you in the dark, we would rather teach you how to maintain your improved position. We also make it a point to ask about your company’s culture to ensure what we produce for you, reflects your values, your people and your work style.

We provide you with information regarding upstream and downstream impacts to the changes you plan. If one area improves dramatically, and others are not well armed, you could experience growing pains. Instead of leaving you a piece of the puzzle, we learn your business and educate you on ours, so growth will continue your way.

When we finish, we leave you with specific numbers – Key Performance Indicators – which let you know when you’re doing well, need improvement or need to call us back because something’s up. Furthermore, if it’s better for your staff and the process, we will build you Quick Reference Guides to ensure continued support after we’ve left.

Who We Are

Christine Wade Payment Professional
Sally Baptiste Payment Professional

Christine Wade

Consultant, Co-Founder & CFF (“Chief Fraud Fiend”)
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, University of North Texas
Member of the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators

The world of payments is always evolving and at times it can feel like leaping into an abyss. You’re given endless data and quick shifts going in unforeseeable directions. I’ve been down the “fraud” rabbit hole before, and I can tell you: (1) you need to look at the whole operation to see exactly how you’re susceptible to fraud, and (2) navigating this world is a lot easier with a fresh perspective. It can even be enlightening if you work with people that have seen and mitigated fraud for nearly every business type out there.

What’s up? I’m Christine, a co-founder of Payment Operations Group (POG), a proud dog owner and a payments professional. I am the person you want in your corner when the words “fraud”, “risk” or “chargeback” come into play. With over 15 years in the Fraud and Risk Mitigation industry with roles from Investigator to Director, I’ve learned to identify and help prevent risk, for companies big and small. My methods focus on the details in every space, I want to get into the nuts and bolts of it all. I’m not just going to look at your fraud problem, I’m going to look at your whole operation to make sure this cannot happen again. And one of the reasons I’m good at this is because I’m passionate about it: I genuinely care for your business and take fraud attacks against your business personally.

The world of credit cards, chargebacks and fraud holds a sea of information. But, I can safely say, it’s easier to jump into that sea if you know someone who’s made that leap before. Consultants bring new perspectives to every operation, whether you’re just starting your fraud and payments team or you have a team of hundreds. One of the greatest parts of POG is that this new perspective comes with a guarantee of education. So, not only do you get our expertise, you get an informed ally to navigate the rabbit hole with you.

If any of this struck a chord with you, then let’s chat! If you think you’re ready to make a leap with POG on your side, then let’s do this.

(512) 694-9146

Sally Baptiste

Consultant, Co-Founder & CDD (“Chief Data Digger”)

Bachelor of Arts in Business, Governors State University
Master of Business Administration, Western Governors University

If you ever find yourself enjoying a batch of blackberry Jell-O™, you may observe that thumping this treat on one side of its gelatin frame, will cause it to jiggle on its opposite side. Believe it or not, you should think about credit card processing the same way you think of Jell-O™. Understanding that relationship is where I come in.

Hi, I’m Sally, a co-founder of Payment Operations Group (POG), a Payments Professional and a coffee connoisseur. If you’re looking for someone to discuss processing, PCI, going global (especially in LATAM), or Interchange, I’m your woman. My philosophy is to study the basics of a system, understand the nuts and bolts of its problems, and predict how one change in a business could lead to movement elsewhere. I prefer to trade in high-level strategy and buzz words for a full, digestible list of solutions. This philosophy has served me for over 30 years, first as a leader at Chase Paymentech, then a Senior Business Manager of payments for AT&T and, most recently, as the payments expert for McAfee and Intel.

As a Payment Professional for the then largest US eCommerce Acquirer and two of the strongest companies in the world, I have watched the field of credit card payments and processing mature a great deal. I’ve come to realize that, while this is a standardized industry, it is not uniformly understood. That’s why the first thing we target at POG is education. I’m excited to learn about your business, capture personally relevant findings, and lend you my knowledge so that you can grow your business the way you want to.

So, whether you want to hire Payment Operations Group, ask a question, or nerd out about payment processing, I’d love to hear from you.

(972) 415-3450

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