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Using Payment Consultants

Check out these use cases to discover how a payment consultant can help guide you through the payment processing ecosystem.

Think of a Payment Professional as a Consultant who is also:



Sales Growth. If you are considering a new payment type (ACH, PayPal, Alipay), a new sales venue (eCommerce, mCommerce, etc.), or even a new continent, let a Payment Professional get you the information you need before you start.


Program or Project Manager. Rather than reorganize your staff or double their workloads, hire a consultant to manage the one-off details of a payment project to keep it on track and navigate the pitfalls of potential unknowns.


Expanding Knowledge Base. Thinking beyond the immediate impacts of change, a Payment Professional should be able to develop pre- and post- change materials such as User Guides and Quick Reference sheets for supporting teams such as Customer Service or Accounting to ensure all of your departments move forward in sync. Consider a custom training course for some of your areas to keep them on the cutting edge of payments.


Short Staffed. Consider a retainer agreement to allow you to have a Payment Professional on staff without actually hiring one. You need the expertise when YOU need it but maybe not all of the time. Like a lawyer or a tax accountant, have someone available to execute research into your questions or expand on your project ideas. They can even fill in while you hire!


Dealing with the Ecosystem. There are many players in the payments industry. Each holds a specific function in the ecosystem. Dealing with the various players to locate the right partners to fulfill your goals can be a long, arduous, and even confusing task. A Consultant can perform RFP’s or RFI’s to meet your specific needs. Even locating the correct entities to participate in your vendor search could take too much of your time away from your company – let a consultant help.


Fee Control and Benchmarking. Let a Payment Professional analyze your current processing rates, chargeback ratios, or fraud profile to see if there is room for improvement or even to provide you with Key Performance Indicators to let you know when to take action.

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