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Payment Processing Services

Check out our menu of payment processing services designed for your business.



RFP and/or RFI Management

  • Collecting goals from all impacted teams.
  • Identifying potential bidders.
  • Creating impartial scorecard for client and questionnaire for bidders.
  • Manage all bidding vendors through the process.
  • Receive and summarize responder’s data.
  • Document the selection process.
  • Negotiate the full contract.
  • Obtain all tech specs and supporting documents needed for conversion.
  • Other services to support this process.

Reconciliation Rebuild

  • Identify all impacting vendors.

  • Consult with Accounting team to identify concerns.

  • Rebuild company’s reconciliation to reduce write-offs and unknowns.

  • Create SOX supporting reconciliation description.

  • Perform parallel reconciliation for a month.

  • Train staff on new reconciliation style and source material.

  • Provide user manuals for new process.

  • Follow-up with Accounting staff after install and retrain/fine tune if necessary.

Chargeback Program Creation

  • Identify impacted areas and interview teams for goals.

  • Analyze chargebacks against industry and options.

  • Create responses and management program designed to reduce chargebacks.

  • Test chargeback responses.

  • Provide Engineering and Customer Service suggestions for support or prevention.

  • Provide training and documentation.

Fraud Prevention Service

  • Identify fraud source(s).
  • Benchmark fraud in the industry.
  • Document methods to internally and externally reduce fraud.
  • Full training and documentation provided.

Going Global

  • Analyze desired new market.
  • Provide vendor recommendations or full RFP.
  • Provide Web options related to a new target geography.
  • Provide recommendation for project layout.
  • Full documentation as needed.

PGM or PM Services for Payment Type Programs

  • Whether it is our suggested plan or one of your own making, we will be happy to engage with your various teams, the affected vendors, and any other parties to manage your project to completion.

Also Available

Low/No Touch Pay Type Additions

Where your existing contracts and systems allow, we will expand your payment types, currencies, or geographies with little impact to your current environment.

Custom Training Courses

You choose the payment topic – We research, document and train to your needs.

Vendor Fee Tune-up

Just checking your contracts against your statements to ensure you are paying only what you are supposed to be paying….And fixing what needs to be fixed.

Purchasing Card Employee Investigations

If you have a P-Card review you need done, we can investigate to your level of comfort.

Retainer Services

Periodic questions, various reviews of your processing statements, even specialty training courses will be made available.

We also have strong partnerships with:

Marketing Gurus

LTAM Payment Processors

Chargeback Recovery Services

Pricing Philosophy

We always provide custom pricing based on your needs, our skills, and the overall level of effort. We usually price each task so that if a project takes longer than originally planned (don’t they always?), we can cover the additional man-hours without increasing your fees.

Additionally, we price at the task instead of the overall client to ensure you get only the services you need right now but also know how much a future project may cost if the pricing and timing remain constant. Yes, you heard that right – we offer a la carte pricing!

Finally, we want you to know that we will always work with you if you have a budget, time constraints, or special needs. We do not want something like price getting in the way of you growing your business.

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