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Real Payment Processing Questions

If I were you, I’d be asking myself a few questions right about now!


Who are these folks that I should trust them in my business systems?

We are Payment Professionals with over 40 years’ collective experience who work as consultants on your behalf. Our contract carries many protection clauses for your peace of mind. We have been trusted employees of some of the largest merchants and can help you, educate you, and prove our worth to you. Visit the About Us tab to read more about Payment Operations Group.


I was told that payment processing fees are fees – period. Is there any way to reduce them?

Some components of merchant processing fees are fixed and out of a merchant’s control. Other aspects are very negotiable. For your two main payment types, Mastercard and Visa, a fee estimator can be used to calculate true cost in the industry. After true cost is known, negotiating space is opened up! Not sure how to calculate fees? Send us a note, let’s discuss it!


I trust my employees. I know there’s no employee theft here. How could that even happen?

Trust and Verify. Whether it’s through a stronger reconciliation process or with specialty reporting, be the master of your own transactions. Remember that transactions are usually initiated by a merchant…But many vendors also have portals where transactions can be created from scratch under your merchant number. Let’s take a peek, just to be sure.


People say there are different types of chargebacks. They all debit my account, so how are they different?

Ah customers, you gotta love ‘em! There are almost as many causes for chargebacks as there are customers, almost. Some are Friendly Fraud, Testing Fraud, Fraud Fraud, Buyer’s Remorse, and many others. A fraud and chargeback analysis will help you locate where the leaks are and how best to plug them.


I just got a notice saying I am over a chargeback threshold. What does that mean?

Each Card Brand has limits regarding how many chargebacks per sale (chargeback ratio) that they will allow before they fine, or in extreme cases, close a merchant. They are protecting their brand and their cardholders against risky merchants. With this notice, they are letting you know that they have detected too much fraud based on your chargeback ratio and you need to do something now to remediate the problem. We can help!


All of a sudden, my processing fees skyrocketed. What has happened? What can I do?

Believe it or not, special charges can be added with little or no notice. Commonly fines or withholding, you must take action to stop these drafts against your revenue. It is also possible, in a few cases, to recover some or all of the charges. The important thing to note here is to stop these soon. There are forms, time limits, and recovery restrictions so the sooner this stops, the better. We have worked cases like these before.


I am thinking about expanding to international markets, how should I proceed?

There are so many great ways to Go Global. The right tax structure, banking entities, and vendor partners are crucial. You should also note that Americans shop online differently than in other countries. Be sure to build for the payment types and culture you are entering. This can be done ‘all out’ or on a budget. Let us help you build the plan that is perfect for your company.


How do I know my merchant bank is the right one for me? Should I change merchant banks? How would that work?

There are a lot of good partners out there. Your pricing and support may sway your impression of your current merchant bank. Each one has specialties. We would be happy to introduce you to many potential partners worldwide or execute an RFP domestically. Even a simple evaluation survey might help you stay put and feel confident in that decision. It’s more about getting you connected to the right partner.

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