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Stray Thoughts…(our non-blog!)

Here are just a few stray thoughts about payment processing that pop into our head from time to time. Check in often to see what’s brewing! On occasion, we locate a fact or discover an approach that we want to share with a wider audience. Sometimes, these topics are something we need to get off our chest. Almost all the time, exploring these items helps. So grab some coffee, sit back, relax, and read on! And always remember that if something interests you, we’re right here to discuss.

PaymentsEd Forum Presentation 2018 - Non-Standard Uses for Account Updater
CNP Expo Presentation 2018 - LatAm Strategies
Watch Your Elbows When Shopping This Holiday Season
Care and Feeding of Payment Professionals
Payment Operations Group in the News!

Payment Operations Group’s Co-Founder, Sally Baptiste, was mentioned in a Financial Times interview with allpago Founder and CEO Philipp Bock. Listen up as this award winning company, allpago, speaks openly about being a start-up and processing internationally in today’s eCommerce environment. Listen Away!


Questions About Selling in LATAM
Is it a Plan or a Strategy?
Recurring Charges, Failures and Strategies
RFP's are not super easy - So why are they sought after as a solution to processing woes?
Reconciliation isn't 'Old School', it's 'Control School'.
PaymentsEd Forum Webinar Recording - Hiring Payment Consultants: Working Together Toward Success
Had a great session with the PaymentsEd Forum during our webinar about hiring Payment Professionals as Consultants.  Here’s the link to the webinar recording. Just copy this link into your browser or go directly to PaymentsEd Forum’s website and view any of the great webinars they have hosted.  Enjoy!


Are your processing fees based on Interchange Pass-Through? Are you getting the most out of this opportunity? Ask us any questions you’d like!
Fancy Fraud Prevention Tool? Yay!! Not working as expected? Boo!! You may not need to get a new service – Try optimizing yours first. We can help!
I love getting personalized email – But not when it’s a notice from a Brand that a fraud or chargeback threshold has been exceeded. If you’ve received one, you need to act fast because you are already accumulating fines. We know exactly what needs to happen…Let us help.
Recurring merchant? Subscription revenue? Leaving money on the table? There are ways to optimize. We can work together to build a path to cash. Holler! We’re listening!